Honey Bear

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Available in small or big (original).

A small Honey Bear bottle holds about 1.5 dl of liquid and a big (original) Honey Bea bottle holds about 2 ddl of liquid.

Includes one replacement straw. More straws can be ordered separately.

Includes TalkTools original instruction booklet .

Attention! Not dishwasher and microwave safe!


. Washed / disinfected by hand. Not dishwasher and microwave safe. Replacement straws are available for the bottle.


  • The go-to therapy cup that teaches straw drinking
  • Leak-proof lid
  • Not dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Includes one replacement straw and TalkTools original instruction booklet
  • Available in small (5 fl. oz.) or original (7 fl. oz.)
  • For the more mature clients check out our Adult Bottle
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A fun Honey Bear bottle motivates the child to practice! There is a leak-proof lid, so it is easy to carry the bottle with you.

The Honey Bear is used to teach lip rounding, tongue retraction and other oral-motor skills.

It allows you to control the flow of liquid into a child’s mouth and encourages children to learn straw drinking. Attention! We recommend that the adult exercise control the amount of fluid (by pressing) in advance, before use the bottle with the child.

By controlling the amount of the liquid in the mouth it makes handling the fluid in the mouth safer, and at the same time facilitates and motivates the child’s practice of sucking (straw drinking) and avoiding incorrect patterns, or learning away from incorrect sucking/straw drinking habits. It can be used by toddlers to transition from bottle feeding to cup drinking. it is also a great tool to wean a child from bottles or sippy cups.