Myotape surrounds the mouth and brings the lips together with a light elastic tension that helps to mantain the lip closure and ensure nasal breathing. It gently surrounds the mouth.

Suitable for day and night use.

For adults and for children over 4years.

Mouth breathing may be associated with, for example, snoring, quality of sleep and having effects on the growth of the facial skeleton and occlusion. Myotape iss designed to restore nasal breathing.


Packet of 90 Stripts.
Safe, medical product, CE.
English instructions included.

Attention! Myotape is not suitable for children under 4 years of age.
Attention! The wearing of Myotape by a child must be supervised by an adult.
Attention! Pleaze consult with a medical doctor prior to your child wearing the tape surrounding their mouth during sleep.
Pro Lingua recommends a speech therapist’s assessment before starting the use of Myotape, especially with children.