Myotalea Tongue & Lip Press, TLP


Myotalea TLP helps to increase muscle strenght, maintain the correct tongue resting position and establish adequate lip seal. Myotalea TLP is an active myofunctional appliance.

Myotalea TLP targets the key muscles of the tongue and lips that may require additional strenght and tone in order to obtain a stable orthodontic result. Pro Lingua recommends Myotalea TLP also for speech motor skills.

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The TLP focuses on improving the strength and tone of the tongue, lip and airway muscles in patients of all ages. Targeted improvement of the tongue, lip and airway muscles. Contains manual in English.

Recommended by a speech therapist. Active Myofunctional appliance.
The TLP can be used by practitioners providing myofunctional therapy.Pro Lingua recommends TLP to be used also in speech motor rehabilitation. Myotale TLP helps to increase muscle and lip strenght and to control your oral movements. /k/ sound /r/ sound (Finnish language) Sensory stimulation.

Myotalea TLP soft version.

The Myotalea® appliance should be cleaned under warm running water every time the patient removes it from their mouth. Use Myoclean™ tablets to thoroughly clean twice a week. You can also clean it by boiling (5min.)

Manufacturer: Myofunctional Research Co (Australia), CE Myofunctional Research Europe. Made from medical grade silicon.