Improvement of breathing, tongue and chewing function, and oral hygiene.

For children 2-8 years. Encourages nasal breathing and improves oral muscle function to assist dental and jaw development. Assists cleaning the teeth with in-built bristles. The Myochew is also suitable for special need children.

There are two colors: red and blue. Design features: Bristle Projections, Douple Arch, Tongue Tube, Teething Lug, Air Spring Base, Detachable Strap.


Directions for use
Hold the Myochew with the tongue press tube facing upwards. Place the Myochew into the mouth, keep the lips together and breathe through your nose. Press your tongue against the tongue press tube to exercise the tongue muscles or gently chew on the appliance to exercise the chewing muscles. To strengthen the tongue. For very young children you can attach the optional detachable strap to prevent the Myochew from falling on the floor.

The Myochew appliance should be used for at least 10 minutes, twice a day, and this wear time can be increased once the appliance is accustomed to.

Clean the Myochew appliance under warm running water every time you remove it from the mouth. T The Myochew can be sterilised in boiling water if required, though this may decrease the life of the appliance. Alternately use Myoclean™ tablets to correctly clean twice per week. .

Caution! Children must be supervised by an adult when using the Myochew. Pro Lingua recommends a healthcare professional evaluation.
Lifetime use: 6 months based on everyday wear. Replace after 12 months regardless of wear time.