Training device – Effective impact on functions in the mouth

Face Former can be used to change the position of the tongue and strengthen its muscles, affecting the functions and tension in the mouth area. In this way, Face Former also strengthens proper breathing.

Face Former is a tested and approved medical device.

Support the muscles of the mouth and achieve proper posture

Face Former is used, for example, as a treatment for snoring and sleep apnea, as well as tooth decay & relieve facial and neck pain.

Face Former can support eg. tongue, jaw, and lips posture, function, and strength, which may include, for example, strengthening nasal breathing or practicing chewing / eating / swallowing.

Benefit from the impact and get the Face Former to support your

family’s well-being

Face Former can be used by both adults and children
Get your Face Former now and develop your breathing!

“Such a small product can make big changes in my life!

You can influence how you – and your family breathe.

Have a good night’s sleep and reduce problems with Face Former

I am a speech therapist and specialized in verbal & oral motor disorders. I am also a myofunctional therapist and I manage Buteyko breathing technique.
I, like so many other Westerners, have myofunctional problems in my mouth. I use Face Former every night.
With Face Former, the strength of my tongue has increased so that it stays in its right resting position on the palate all night, allowing for nasal breathing and a healthy sleep. I’ve gotten rid of bruxism. In the mornings I wake up much more refreshed than before, and the pain in the jaw area has also disappeared.
In fact, my entire family of four uses Face Former! With my kids’ Face Former, we try to prevent breathing and biting errors from growing, and to give them a good night’s sleep, which also supports learning.

Prevention of the development of men’s sleep apnea

My husband has undergone severe orthodontic treatment in his childhood, but they did not even try to influence the tongue posture, so teeth returned to their original malposition. Over the years, erroneous positions have narrowed the palate and there is symptoms of sleep-disrodered breathing. However he did not get a diagnoses with sleep apnea -yet. We did not want just to stay waiting for this to happen, and he has started strengthen his breathing with face former at home during his sleep.

You strive to exercise and eat properly because it affects your health and well-being. But can you breathe the right way?

Disordered breathing can lead to increase risks for serious health problems and may affect dental and facial growth in children.


Do you or a family member have some of these symptoms?


Feeling tired on a regular bases

Daytime sleepiness

Mouth breathing

Eating /swallowing difficulties


Headache / pain in the facial area


What does Face Former do?

Strengthens the tongue muscles and the right place in the mouth and throat, and thus nasal breathing while sleeping.

What can cause snoring?

Snoring can be a sign of upper airway obstruction. If snoring is associated with respiratory failure, it is advisable to seek examinations for possible sleep apnea.

My spouse or child snores / breathing stops while sleeping?

If you suspect you have sleep apnea, seek medical attention first. If the symptoms are milder, you can start training yourself with Face Former, for example. You can also book an appointment with myofunctional therapist for evaluation and possibly therapy.

Extra: Exercise Program

The exercise program includes active daily exercises as well as nighttime, passive exercise. Instructions for getting started are included.

Use as you sleep

You can use Face Former at night while you sleep, so your new muscle skills can be automated. At the same time, you support breathing and oxygenation while you sleep.

Ready to try?

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