Twist String & Buttons


Twist strings & blocks provide a really fun and effective muscle training for a wide range of mouth: tongue, lips, jaw, cheeks.

The training also implements sensory input for the mouth.

A favorite tool for children, but also an effective practice for adults.

Training proceeds from light weight (one block) to more force-intensive training by adding blocks.

The string is washed after use.

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Effective in improving labial strength and mandibular differentiation.

Includes two extra washable (100% cotton) strings and five fun shaped blocks.

The tip of the string is placed in the mouth. At the other end of the string hangs a block (or blocks) of weight. The string is then raised in the mouth without hands, by function and power of the tongue and lips. The exercise is repeated and practiced as needed. The weights are added one by one as the power and function of the mouth improves.