Colorful Elastics for Oral and Verbal Motor Practice


Contain latex and may cause an allergic reaction! Available also in non-latex. Please contact us by e-mail. Pystymme toimittamaan yksilöllisenä tilauksena myös lateksivapaita kuminauhoja. (Non-latex elastics are solid in color, beige, and the size is slightly smaller.)

Bag of 100 elastics.
Size 5/16.

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Small, colorful elastics also used in orthodontics. Size 5/16, this provides better sensory input than smaller, lighter size. The Elastic is placed over the tongue (desired place depending of the goal of the practice) and guided to the palatal. This provides sensory feedback on the tongue and palate, reinforcing motor training.

Elastics can be used to find the right resting place for the tongue on the palate and to strengthen the muscles of the tongue. When the tongue is in a correct place, the lips should be closed and optimal nasal breathing is possible. A concrete and effective training tool for mouth breathers. It is worth using a timing during training and increace the nose breathing time. If the duration of nasal breathing and supporting tongue position is still short, the training is started from a few minutes and extended as the nasal breathing and tongue strengthen.

Attention! You should have checked the trainee’s nasal breathing. If he is unable to maintain nasal breathing for 2 minutes, it may be advisable to consult an ENT physician and check for obstruction in the upper airways.

Elastics can also be used in articulation training to find and confirm the correct position of the tongue (e.g sounds /L/ & /S/).